Saturday, February 6, 2010

Main Event Recap of Prager vs Reality

Last June it was my pleasure to interview Burgess Laughlin for the first installment of One Question, One Answer.

Mr. Laughlin's response to my question--asking what makes a biography good (or bad)--zeroed in on the proper standards for judging a biography, presented a well-chosen example to clarify one of the most important qualities a good biography has, and gave a remarkably concise one-sentence answer that I have since found helpful (in my work for The Objective Standard).

I was reminded of this recently after reading another interview--with Stephen Bourque. Bourque, of One Reality, presented a detailed response to a column by Dennis Prager (which argued that without God there can be no morality).

The interview with Bourque focuses on two points: "(1) His experience, as an activist, in thoroughly analyzing a sample of Prager's work; and (2) his reflections on Prager as an advocate of mysticism, including the general nature of Prager's arguments, their implications, and style of advocacy."

The interviewer? None other than Mr. Laughlin himself! Anybody who enjoyed his answers in my interview with him should enjoy this one. The questions are well-chosen and the answers by Bourque well-thought out. See for yourself.

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