Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Book Review: Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo

Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo! provides the same thrill as watching a Rube Goldberg machine in action--or seeing a million dominoes falling consecutively from the push of a tiny finger.

Starting with the sneeze of a little bug, a chain of events takes place that ends in a chaotic parade. The realization that each action is causing something progressively larger builds excitement for the satisfying conclusion (which shows, though doesn't state, that small actions can have big consequences).

I wonder: How many millions of kids will get to hear this exhilerating story because a loving parent with a soft voice read it to their little kid a long, long time ago?


  1. I also like _If you Give a Pig a Pancake_ for the same Rube Goldberg style. And it is highly ridiculous, so Livy and I are left laughing out loud.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! It looks like the same author has other similar books as well. In any case, I've added this one to my wish list and will give it a try. :-)

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