Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do Your Thing. And Do It Now.

Here's some more "red bull for your soul"--this time with the recommendation to just do whatever it is that you love. And to do it now.

Do other people think you can't dance? Do your thing! As this video shows, they'll come around. Writing a story that nobody seems to care about, or filming a movie with characters that nobody talks like, or creating a product that nobody believes in? Do your thing! And do it now.

When somebody does a thing that they love. When they put their heart into it. When they persist doing that thing when others laugh--so that one day they own that tiny world. When they do all that, chances are they'll get some kind of external reward. But they'll be having fun, creating something of value to themselves, if not.

What is it that you love doing? Whatever that thing is, you should be clear about it, set aside time for it, plan all you can about it. And you should be doing it. Now.

(Hat tip: Seth Godin.)

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