Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 Ways to Teach Kids to Lie

Teaching kids to lie is somewhat simple and chances are, if you have kids, you're doing it already. Here are the three top ways you were taught to lie, or possibly are unknowingly teaching your kids to:

1. Ever heard your mother say "don't make that face" when you react honestly to food that you find (or found) disgusting? Ever said it to your kid? Don't.

2. How about telling your kid to be sure and fake a smile when they meet a relative that even you don't like? For god's sake let the kid frown. You can always blame their honest expression on the fact that they're still young.

3. Ever told your kid to tell someone else that you weren't at home? Like the above, this one sounds harmless (to many) if given little to no thought. But it's not.

And there you have it the three top ways people teach their kids to lie. So, for all the parents searching for the reason their kids lie, here's a possible answer: you taught them to.


  1. Also, the number one way to teach kids to lie routinely (as opposed to lying about selected issues) is to be a liar oneself. Lie to one's friends, and your child will probably lie to theirs.

  2. Yeah, Daniel. Right on the money.
    One of the things I love about Livy (who is nearly 6 now) is her expressions when meeting people she knows or is newly greeting. She hardly ever smiles upon meeting. She is now frowning usually. She's just studying their face. It's hilarious and inspiring.

  3. I meant to say "she is NOT frowning usually."

  4. That's cool! It's actually the most natural and just way of greeting a new person, right?

    I actually love it when (good) people greet me this way, and then grant me a smile that I've earned. The smile has more value to me because it's for me and it's based on an actual value-estimation about me.

    I think the honesty of kids is one of the things that makes everyone like them so much. I like Livy more just knowing her approach to meeting new people!

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