Wednesday, January 7, 2009

5 Quotes from Art Attack's First Season on the Travel Channel

Did you miss the first season of Art Attack with Lee Sandstead?

If so, it sucks for you--because if you're into art it was one of the best on that subject in many years.

Below are five quotes from the show however. See for yourself:

On Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party:
Now, I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not art, it’s just a triangular dinner table!” 
When you look at it, what is it—what’s that thing that comes out at you the most? It’s vaginas. Many vaginas. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love vaginas. Just not these vaginas. This is shock art, this was meant to shock people, to deliberately shock people.
On Rodin’s The Burghers of Calais:
…But, believe it or not, Rodin created the four statues as part of a French feel-good project in 1876. They don’t exactly make me feel good and I’m a man in touch with my feelings!
On Reni’s Bacchus and Ariadne:
The god of wine looks like he was partying a little too hard the night before. Bacchus is hungover! So, basically, Venus hooked Ariadne up with her drunk friend. Some consolation. 
…[W]e can see that [Ariadne] is nagging by her gestures—and we wonder why she was kicked off the ship in the first place! 
This painting takes that event and makes it humourous. It makes it able for us to deal with. Got dumped? Get drunk.
On Rodin’s The Thinker:
What is this guy thinking about? Is he thinking about a new application for the iPhone? No! He’s seriously contemplating something. In fact, Rodin said his thinker was thinking with every muscle—and man you can see it. 
See how knotted his muscles are, there’s just tension in there. And then, when we get to his toes, look, they’re all bent under—they’re twisted under. Look at his face. That’s Rocky Balboa going 15 rounds with Apollo Creed and losing. That’s one beat up face! 
What could be so gripping as to put this guy in this state?!? To answer that, you need to know how Rodin thought up The Thinker.
On Mazzanti’s The Death of Lucretia:
Painting Lucretia is kind of like a “jazz standard”—a tune that everyone plays and puts their own spin on. 
…It’s meant to inspire us for positive action.
Did you like these quotes? Do you now see what I mean about the show being so great?

I hope so.

And, surprise of all surprises, thanks to yours truly you can click the following link for even more quotes by Lee Sandstead.

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