Friday, December 4, 2009

Questioning HR 3962

John David Lewis has done it again. He's made a list of important questions for, and text passages from, HR 3962. To these, I'd only add a few questions of my own--that some of you may want to ask the bill's supporters.

1. A proper government recognizes the right of each individual to act toward the pursuit of his own happiness and to keep the justly earned fruits of his labor. Does the current bill recognize this right or does it violate it?

2. Is my right to act on the judgment of my own mind, and to do what I want to with my own money, inalienable and inviolate--or is it dependent on the current health status of my neighbor?

3. Any moral standard that justifies the sacrifice of freedom and nullifies the basic requirements of human life is, in principle, anti-life and pro-death. Will you question, for once, the nature and ultimate purpose of this moral code, or will you evade the bloody history of the past century and support the next move forward of this once-free country into a totalitarian state?

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