Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Arango House by Lautner

I'm not the biggest fan of John Lautner, but I agree with the person who is that his entire portfolio of work is both original and dramatic--not to mention as functional as it is logical.

This video shows off the Arango house--one of Lautner's better known works.

"When I first visited the site," says Lautner, "I got the idea to build a large, open terrace so that all you had was the beauty of the Acapulco Bay and the sky and the mountains. You don't feel you're in a building at all. You're out in space. With the beauty of nature."

Just viewing the house inspires me. Though the curvy lines give the house a fluid feel, like the water that runs along the edges of the terrace or the clouds that encompass it, the dominant impression is one of boldness.

This house is the rarest of residencies: a house that is itself--a house that has integrity. And therein lies its boldness, its originality, and its beauty.

Getting personal, my first thought upon seeing it was, "I want my life to be like that." The building has a clear purpose, and every part of it works towards that end--without exception, without shame.

Because of this, the Arango House is more than just an art antidote against that feeling of aimlessness or of being pulled in too many different directions at once. It is a kind of "red bull for the soul"--a view of art that not ony tells you to not give up but also inspires you to live with more passion and to pursue your own creative work with zeal.

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