Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing Art Antidotes

I explained the concept of art antidotes ever so briefly in the post on how to get rid of a bad (movie) feeling. I plan to present a whole series of posts on art antidotes--opening up a kind of online pharmacy for them--so an introduction is definitely in order.

You can think of art antidotes as being somewhat analogous to medication. In this case, however, the antidote is working on your soul as opposed to your body.

A typical post will start with an emotional "ailment" such as being agitated or scared or apathetic--and then go on to list an artwork that helps you to feel an opposite emotion.

Agitated, for instance, is the state of being "shaken up" emotionally, or restless. Leaving aside the causes of the emotion for now--something that I do not recommend you do (should you feel it)--an appropriately selected art antidote should help you achieve a state of serenity.

In my experience, combinations of different mediums of art (that convey similar emotions) are immensely useful, the equivalent of extra-strength medication for those "sticky" bad feelings.

Because of the above, many of the art antidotes will be delivered in two or three posts--to be "taken" (i.e., viewed, listened to, thought about) either at once or at spaced intervals.

All that said, I hope you like the concept of art antidotes and, when you come back to the site again, I hope you'll enjoy the reality of one!

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  1. The cost for each by the way will be entirely free...but the pharmacy of art does request that you spread the news--to friends both offline and on. :-)