Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kill Bill Belle

The following is what I think should be the plot for Kill Bill 3, or what I think will be called Kill Belle, the next movie in Tarantino’s Kill Bill series.

As the title suggests, I think Tarantino should (and most likely will) focus more on Nikki Belle and B.B.--the daughter of Black Mamba and Copperhead. That said, and without further ado, here are the basic plot points as I imagine them:

1 The last Kill Bill movie ended where this movie will start: Elle has no eyes, millions of dollars (at least), and is more desirous of revenge than ever. Nikki (who witnessed her mother's brutal death) now lives with her father. And Beatrix is together with the child she fought so hard to get back.

2 Elle kills Nikki Belle’s father, without Nikki’s knowledge, and then comes for her (though not to kill). Elle adopts her instead, training her in the art of killing and teaching her to lust for blood as much as for revenge.

3 Like many scenes and characters in the previous films, the training sequence will be taken from (/inspired by) Lady Snowblood. In particular, Elle will train Nikki by having a rope tied to them both—which compensates for her lack of vision at the same time teaching Nikki that she must fight. There is no running away from her chosen fate in life as a servant of revenge. And Elle does not kick or hit this poor girl softly. So, she must learn, she must do so quickly, and she must become as ruthless and cold-hearted as her master.

4 At around the same time that this is happening, Beatrix and B.B. (who is as one would expect from her name—combining Bill and Beatrix—a natural killer like her parents) are living together somewhere in China. Beatrix reluctantly at first trains B.B. in the arts, and viewers see some of this in their chess games (though the scene will be filmed so that only the back of their heads are seen—-making it easy for viewers to assume that it is Elle talking to Nikki).

5 Beatrix (who viewers think is Elle) teaches Nikki two things in these scenes. One, she notes the importance of choosing the battlefield, and two, the danger in being or showing mercy. As an aside, both will talk with each other in Chinese--again in order to keep their identities hidden from viewers.

6 Nikki Belle’s life as well as her training has molded her into a ruthless, blood-hungry killer. Elle has succeeded in the first part of her quest to get revenge on Beatrix—but she has created a monster. Elle confronts Nikki about her killing of two of the many younger students studying at the academy and is rudely rebuffed. A final confrontation occurs, this time started by Nikki who inquires knowingly about the untimely death of her father. Then Elle, like the teacher she herself killed, meets her death via the hands of a student.

7 With her father’s death avenged, and the lust for blood ever stronger, Nikki decides to make her move against Beatrix—at last avenging the death of her mother. Nikki kills most of the guards with ease but Beatrix told the truth long ago: she was waiting. A (nightingale) floor awakens Beatrix in time to defend herself from the would-be assassin. A fight ensues and though Beatrix does not go easy, go she does.

8 As the camera scans far away from the final death blow delivered by Nikki Belle we see what looks like the curly-haired back of Nikki rushing to the scene. The camera moves around though, and if viewers didn’t make the connection after spotting the chess board in Beatrix’s house, they realize now that the young girl seen {at the movie’s start) learning strategy and being taught the dangers of allowing an iota of mercy to seep into one’s actions, is none other than B.B. herself.

9 B.B. wants to deliver justice, swiftly and brutally, but Nikki Belle is well-armed and B.B. has no weapons on hand. B.B. decides to wait and choose the battlefield so that (however difficult it may be) she can kill Belle.

10 The grounds of the academy are dimly lit when B.B. arrives. A few guards are killed, not with any enjoyment or anger showed towards them, but with a calm, steady approach. As she enters the main courtyard, however, a laugh is heard growing louder and louder. Bright lights suddenly illuminate the courtyard, with B.B. standing (calmly as ever) in the middle.

11 Nikki Belle says she too was waiting for the daughter of a deceased mother, just as Beatrix was, but that she has more than just a few guards. At this point, twelve fierce-looking college age students step out from the main building—and, in front of them, 12 more very-young and thoroughly evil looking students take their places a step or two ahead of their older peers. As they all advance towards B.B,. Nikki (who, like many villains, taunts and counts on the heroine believing mercy is a good thing) warns her not to hurt the kids, for they are young and mean no harm.

12 B.B. however is more bad-@ss than her mother. She is smart enough to know the result of any mercy shown to evil, and she uses the five-finger exploding heart technique to dispose of every last one (just like Pei Mei was said to have done).

13. As Nikki then runs to meet B.B. in combat as the last student is being finished off—letting her emotions overcome what should have been caution—B.B. unleashes a blinding gas (which doesn’t affect her due to the glasses she has had on), pulls out a sword, and decapitates Nikki Belle on the spot. “This is where the cycle of violence ends,” says B.B. slamming her Hattori Hanzo sword into the bloody ground as she calmly walks away.

Update: Vivica A. Fox wants a role in Kill Bill 3--or, in my dreams, Kill Belle--saying in a December 2011 interview that she hopes she can play the part of Nikki's mother in a flashback sequence. IMDb has a tentative release date of the movie as 2014. Won't be long!


  1. By the way, for those not familiar with nightingale floors: these "sing" when walked upon, even lightly, for the purpose of waking up an important person from a would-be assassin.

    I'm not sure about examples from Chinese books but they're refered to in Japanese literature. A good book that I partially recommend, from a trilogy that I don't, has a nightingale floor in it. Its title is Across the Nightingale Floor.

    In my imagination, the scene where this floor wakes up Beatrix will be set into motion by a single drop of blood (off of Nikki, from one of the guards that she happily disposed of).

  2. and all that shit could have just not happened if bill would haven't knocked up beatrix.... i never saw an scenario where a single condom saved that much lives

  3. Lol. Interesting comment on the whole series.

    You're right that a bunch of lives would be saved, but think about who was killed in the first two movies: a ton of killers.

    The (mythical) world Tarantino projects is a much better place after Beatrix goes on her roaring rampage of revenge.

  4. This is the shit!!!!!!!!

  5. This is really cool but I think the new movie is going to be something different. Different characters, different settings, different plot. But it's still going to be similar. Just like "Kill Bill" from "Pulp Fiction". Mia(in "Pulp Fiction") mentioned that there is a female group called Fox Force Five(just like the Deadly Vipers) and she was the deadliest woman in the world with knifes(just like what she said in "Kill Bill").

  6. Twilight:

    Thanks! This post is becoming more and more popular--hopefully Tarantino stumbles upon it one day (and agrees).

  7. Mister R:

    Thanks to you too. I'm glad so many people are enjoying this.

    I actually changed something in the plot above. Instead of Beatrix raising B.B. in Japan, and them both speaking Japanese at the start to "hide" their identity in the open view of film viewers, they will live in China.

    Wouldn't it be cool, in fact, if Beatrix takes B.B. to live in China.. at Pai Mei's old stomping grounds!?

    That setting fits wonderfully in with the plot as I have it here...and with the previous movies. Also, Tarantino is rumoured to be doing the next KB in China.

    I guess we will see if he takes any elements from what I have above for the next two movies.

    According to a Chinese newspaper, they will both deal with the "revenge of two killers whose arms and eyes were hacked by Uma Thurman in the first stories" and "daughters who avenge their mother's deaths."

    Tarantino once mentioned that getting a character's name right is one of the most crucial aspects to writing them. It is no doubt that Nicki's last name is Belle because of it's similarity to Bill.

    I won't be surprised if the two films use a lot of what is written above, but I will be very surprised if the film that focuses on Nicki and B.B. is not called Kill Belle.

    But, as Budd said, "I guess we'll just see, won't we?" :-)

  8. Booo the ending sucks. Hell no should BB take out Belle. Nikki should be the main character like Beatrix before her and should survive. She deserves her revenge MUCH more then BB.

  9. In the story I've laid out, Nikki--a killer who loves to kill--doesn't deserve to live.

    B.B.'s motivations are good and pure: to end the cycle of violence and then live peacefully. In a proper world or a proper portrayal of one, B.B. should thus be the one who remains alive. And Nikki must die.

    For Nicki to remain otherwise sends the message that evil is ultimately powerful. This not only sucks as art but it isn't true in reality--evil is impotent.